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INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP EMERISDA | Effectiveness of Methods against Rising Damp in Buildings, European practice and perspective

CNR Area della Ricerca di Bologna, aula 215 | 18 NOVEMBRE 2016




Moisture in general, and rising damp in particular, is a significant cause of decay in historic buildings. Degradation processes such as biological growth, corrosion, frost and salt crystallization arise or are intensified in the presence of rising damp. A treatment against rising damp is therefore (when possible!) generally advised for protection and durable conservation of a historic building.

In this workshop, the results of the international EMERISDA-project will be presented. The workshop is practice-oriented: it addresses questions usually encountered in the practice of conservation and it proposes methodologies for the diagnostics and the choice of suitable intervention techniques.

Within the EMERISDA-project a decision support tool has been developed, which can help users in the assessment of the presence of rising damp and in the choice for a suitable intervention in a specific building. This decision support tool will be presented during the workshop.





Registration is free of charges and mandatory, at latest 2 weeks before the workshop (4th of November): click on the botton below

Annulation: each annulation of participation to the workshop should be communicated to the organizer of the workshop.

Target audience: everyone who is dealing professionally with the problem of rising damp: architects, engineers, building contractors, civil servants, heritage advisors, manufacturers, researchers, conservators and restorers

The workshop will take place in the room 215 of CNR Bologna Research Area, Via Gobetti 101, 40129 Bologna (GOOGLE MAP)

Scientific Secretariat Alessandra Bonazza Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate-National Research Council (ISAC-CNR) Via Gobetti 101, 40129 Bologna | Phone: + 39 051 6399571 | Mobile: + 39 392 9170868 | email: A.Bonazza@isac.cnr.it

Organizing Secretariat Marzia Sivieri CONSORZIO FUTURO IN RICERCA | Via Saragat 1, 44122 Ferrara | Phone: + 39 0532 762404| Mobile: + 39 3357089588 | email: convegni@unife.it