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INTERNATIONAL BREAST ULTRASOUND COURSE 2008 Multimodality Imaging & Interventional Techniques - “Hands-on” practical workshops, lectures, interactive presentations - Introductory and Advanced Course Ferrara, September 1st - 6th, 2008 University Institute for Higher Studies, IUSS Via Scienze 41, Ferrara (Italy)

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dal 01/09/2008 alle 00:00
al 06/09/2008 alle 00:00

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0039 0532 762404


Clinicians and breast health professionals from all countries.

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High quality breast ultrasound is now firmly established as an essential technique for proper breast diagnosis. It is the imaging technique of first choice with significantly better sensitivity and specificity compared to x-ray mammography for the investigation of breast symptoms in younger women. In the assessment of older women, ultrasound is complementary to mammography and adds valuable information in the further evaluation of detected abnormalities.High resolution breast ultrasound provides a unique quick, painless and inexpensive method of ascertaining the nature of both palpable and impalpable breast lesions and is also accurate in determining the absence of significant disease. Breast ultrasound is the preferred imaging technique for the assessment of symptomatic breast problems, and is also the technique of first choice for image guided percutaneous breast and axillary biopsy.

This intensive programme will cover theoretical and practical topics related to breast ultrasound and other breast imaging modalities, and demonstrate the optimum utilization of imaging for the detection, diagnosis and assessment of early breast cancers and benign conditions. The role of imaging and interventional procedures will be thoroughly evaluated in order to provide the best clinical results in patients with breast disease. The highly structured and certified course, and the scenic renaissance city of Ferrara ensure a unique experience for all participants.

The programme is available to clinicians and breast health professionals from all countries, and is presented in the English language. Comprehensive educational resource materials are provided.



The “International Breast Ultrasound Course: multimodality imaging and interventional techniques” is arranged by the International Breast Ultrasound School (IBUS), and hosted by the University of Ferrara’s Institute for Higher Studies. The course consists of a six-day residential programme with lectures, workshops and interactive sessions.

The Course meets the CME requirements of European and Italian Continuing Medical Education programmes.


Course Venue: University Institute for Higher Studies, IUSS
Via Scienze 41 - 44100 Ferrara, Italy
Scientific Committee: Prof. Enzo Durante
General Surgery II, University of Ferrara, Italy
e-mail: drn@unife.it
Administrative Secretariat: Consorzio Ferrara Ricerche
Via Saragat 1, Blocco B, 1° Piano - 44100 Ferrara, Italy


ENTIRE COURSE: 6 Days, September 1-6, 2008                          Euro 1300 (VAT 20% included)

INTRODUCTORY COURSE: 2 Days, September 1-2, 2008           Euro 600 (VAT 20% included)

ADVANCED COURSE: 4 Days, September 3-6, 2008                    Euro 1000 (VAT 20% included)


Course registration fees include comprehensive course materials, CME certificates*, lunches and refreshments.


*IMPORTANT NOTE: In accordance with the rules of the Italian Ministry of Health, CME certificates will be given only to participants who attend the ENTIRE COURSE (September 1-6, 2008).


The course is open to a maximum of 50 attendants.

The deadline for registration is July 31st, 2008.



Cancellation must be notified to the Administrative Secretariat.

Registration Fee will be refunded as follows:

EURO 1.000 before July 31, 2008

No refunds will be made after July 31, 2008.




Consorzio Ferrara Ricerche BY E-MAIL (convegni@unife.it) OR BY FAX +39 0532 767347




E. Durante, Italy - J. Jellins, Australia

H. Madjar, Germany - R. Otto, Switzerland - G. Rizzatto, Italy




Jeff Bamber Surrey - UK, Luigi Cataliotti Firenze - Italy, Stefano Concione Ferrara - Italy, Enzo Durante Ferrara - Italy, Luciano M. Feggi Ferrara - Italy, Giovanni Frezza Bologna - Italy, Jack Jellins Sydney - Australia, Martina Locatelli Gorizia - Italy, Helmut Madjar Wiesbaden - Germany, Mauro Martini Ferrara - Italy, Ellen B. Mendelson Chicago – USA, Alexander Mundinger Osnabrück – Germany, Rainer Otto Baden - Switzerland, Stefano Panareo Ferrara - Italy, Patrizia Querzoli Ferrara - Italy, Giorgio Rizzatto Gorizia - Italy, Christian F. Weismann Salzburg - Austria.



The International Breast Ultrasound Course in year 2007 has received 30 Italian CME credits and 34 European CME credits (ECMEC). European CME credits are recognized by the American Medical Association toward the Physician’s Recognition Award (PRA).

Italian and European CME credits will be requested also for the 2008.




Ferrara’s origins date back to the 7th-8th century. During the High Middle Ages it was under the lordship of a number of powerful Earls. Its main source of wealth was trade along the Po River, which at the time flowed south of the town. After a struggle lasting well over a century, the Este family prevailed and establish-ed a lordship over the city that was to be one of the longest in Italy. Its renown attracted artists from all over. Amidst such bountiful intellectual life, the University was founded in 1391. In 1597 the last Duke, Alfonso II, died without male issue and the city, considered a Papal fiefdom, was absorbed into the State of the Church. In 1995 UNESCO classified Ferrara’s historic centre as a World Heritage list, defining it as“... a fine example of a town planned in the Renaissance that has managed to retain the integrity of its historic centre”.


By plane
Close airports:
G. Marconi in Bologna,  45 km
M. Polo in Venice,        110 km
Catullo in Verona,       100 km
L. Ridolfi in Forlì,          120 km
F. Fellini in Rimini,        200 km
By train
By car
A 13 - Bologna - Padova; exit: Ferrara Nord, Ferrara Sud.



Visit the website:

www.ferrarainfo.com: Where to stay - Central District Hotels

Medium Fee: 4 star Single/Double Room Euros 88/134; 3 star Single/Double Room Euros 58/86.

Hotel bookings will be made directly by the Administrative Secretariat upon request made on the Registration form. The name and address of the hotel will be communicated shortly before the date of the Course. Accommodation is in a 3 or 4 star hotel, with breakfast included. Hotel payment is the responsibility of participants and shall be made directly to the hotel upon departure. The credit card number must be provided in the Registration form in order to confirm the hotel booking.

For other details please see the Registration form.



The popular country traditions give birth to the Ferrarese cuisine. Together with the “cappelletti”, the “capellacci”, filled with marrow squash and parmesan cheese, are very popular. Not to be forgotten is the “Pasticcio di maccheroni” (Macca-roni Pie), our bread, called “coppia” (pair), unique for its twisted and elaborate shape. More typical are the fish dishes: eel, mullet, bass fish, sea fish and hen clam.

To end the meal, try pampepato, mandorlini del ponte, the ricciolina or tagliatelle cake. These tasty traditional dishes are best accompanied by the Bosco Eliceo “sand wines”.

For the list of the restaurants visit the website: www.ferrarainfo.com Where to eat.


For further information please contact: convegni@unife.it or info@ibus.org.

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